I shall turn to nothing and so call over the wall not some shadow of myself but light I shall not block at all – Winter, Bella Akhmadulina (transl. Elaine Feinstein).

The purpose of this blog is to record and communicate phenomena, narratives, and expression that I find compelling in some way and, by making the content herein accessible to anyone with an internet connection, to ensure that I understand what I am writing as well as enhance how I interact with it. I hope that you too can gain some benefit from it.

I tend to use the actual blog posts on here as an abstract or blurb for a longer pdf file containing much more detail, which will be linked prominently in the post. The idea is that you can read the post to get a sense of the full article, and see whether or not you want to invest time in reading through the full version!

Things to expect here: 90% math(s), 10% poetry, and weird segues between the two.

So please read on

I sense amongst all your pains (some merely physical) the desire to express your feeling about good, evil, fair, foul in some way: to rationalize it, and prevent it just festering. – J.R.R. Tolkien


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